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Miriam, 18, Germany. I like Tom's Band a lot. 

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can we appreciate the fact that tom kaulitz just slayed everyone to heaven and back because if you listen to this album and remember that tom produced 80 percent of it like dude you just got more attractive because to me because you know what you’re doing and create slaying songs.


im all about that bass (player)


jammin to ‘humanoid city live’ while trying to fall asleep is probably not my best idea lmao 

our hearts are jungles

we escape into the humanoid city lights

I love Tokio Hotel. A lot

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who's tom gf? r we still talking about ria?

i was talking about ria yes. that girl must have some energy if tom decides to stop living the tom life. im just saying. 

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ok idk why i want to say this rn but now and then people seem to have fun bashing toms girlfriend which they know nothing about and just judge her by her looks and stuff but seriously have you ever thought of the effect she must have on tom if he changes his whole lifestyle for her? ever thought of that? yeah, i thought so. 


If the band member you like gets in a relationship please remember;

  • it’s okay to be jealous 
  • it’s okay if it hurts
  • it’s okay if you don’t necessarily want them to be together

it’s okay

but what’s NOT okay is if

  • you tell the couple to break up
  • you throw yourself at them
  • you spread false, HURTFUL rumors
  • you send hate to their gf/bf or to the both of them


After Bill had his surgery, i would always tease him about not being able to talk for a while. i would say, “Hey, Bill?” and he would hold up a sign he made that said “Fuck you”. It was priceless.
Tom Kaulitz


[beat drops]

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